Florida Gets Free Win in Competition for SECCG Slot

Not playing game just as good as winning it for UF

I was curious, how does the SEC determine division champs? Most Wins? Fewest Losses?

I had to do a ton of digging, but I found the answer in the Commisioner's manual:
See manual

Turns out, it's winning percentage

  • If Tennessee loses one game the rest of the year, they would always beat UF because of the head-to-head.
  • If they lost two and UF lost two, UT wins because of the head to head.
  • Thus, UF realistically needed to run the table and have UT lose both SECW games.
  • Now, the question is, how does it compare if UT loses both west games and UF runs the table (beating Mizzou, UGA, Arky, and South Carolina)?

    • UT is 6-2 = 75%
    • UF is 6-1 = 86%

    Because it's winning percentage that counts, each UF win will now count for more than each UT win.

    In other words, UF not playing this game is effectively the same as them beating LSU in terms of an SECCG berth.